Choosing the word which actually says what you mean…

Whatever you write, be it blog, book or poetry, there might well be times when you are confused about which is the correct word to use.

Do you mean to write about an ‘inquiry’ or an ‘enquiry’? Could you mean ‘site’ or ‘sight’? Or are you, perhaps, talking ‘advice’ or ‘advise’?

Occasionally, you might well be intimidated by the sheer choice of words you are faced with. But do not fret. Simply work out what it is you want to say, then look up each option in a good dictionary and your choice will become simplified and clear.

And what I do if I am unsure of words (particularly some definitions) is write them down in a small notebook and keep referring to them until I remember them.

Remember: clarity, brevity, impact. Always.

Good luck with your writing!

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