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EnglishLanguageExpert.com has been online since 2007 and is the home of your very own online English language lesson.

Featuring tips, advice, background information just for you.

There are plenty of grammar courses available across numerous websites, but we’ve got it all for you here. Everything from proper use of the apostrophe to English sentence structure.

What you won’t find here:

An intensive English course.

What you will find here:

Free tips and advice – even by email delivered straight into your inbox, teaching spelling, for example, and offering one of the most accessible online English courses you’ll see.

Whatever line of business you are in, you cannot underestimate the need for good English.

Your company’s credibility will suffer if its written communications are poor.

A poor standard of English in an advert or a leaflet, for example, will leave your target market or audience focusing on the mistakes rather than the message.

So a good standard of English is essential if your business is to grow or your department is to flourish. (Click here to read more about business communications using the written word).

Maybe you are studying. Did you know that good English and presentation can affect your marks by around 10%?

Whatever your situation – and wherever you are in the world – please make use of this site. Tell your friends about it. Take advantage and grab your free ebook (hint: it won’t stay free for much longer) and 9-week English language tips mini course by signing up on the right if you haven’t already done so. There’s no cost and no obligation.

Improving your English can be a confusing and daunting task. But the trick to this – like any sizable job – is to break it down into small, digestible chunks.

That way, you are far more likely to retain the information you learn, PLUS you will maintain the confidence to carry on when you feel that you are perhaps not progressing at the pace you would like.

And that, really, is what this site is all about: helping YOU to improve your English grammar, punctuation and writing with relatively small parcels of information which are presented to you in a friendly, personal and informal manner.

That way, you get all the benefits of mastering the world’s number one language simply by slotting your learning into your busy schedule, when and where it suits you.

Boost your understanding of the English language – and learn to write like a professional, quickly and easily. Start now.

Enjoy and good luck!

Paul Parry